How To Increase Penis Girth

How to increase penis girth is not as hard as it used to be in the past–pills, machines, and even handheld pumps are around to help.  Keep in mind that not every method will be the right one for you.  The reasons that men want more girth varies but rest assured, whatever the reason, there are several ways to get this accomplished. 

Tools or items needed:

  • Penis Pump
  • Male enhancement pills
  • Warm Shower  
  1. One way in which to increase your girth would be the use of a penis pump.  Penis pumps were originally brought about to increase pleasure for sexual performance. This object serves to increase the blood flow to the penis and to stretch the muscles that make up the shaft of the penis. This will help to make more girth for your penis. When using it, the user must at least use it 20 minutes for every session. The pump works better on a flaccid penis. The suction of the pump will actually stretch the muscles and help to create both girth and length.  The downside to a pump is that it won't work for every user trying to increase girth.  It's important to keep on using the pump. If you get no results then it is best to stop using it.  
  2. If using a pump is not a method in which you want to go then you can increase your penis girth by using a process called jelqing. Jelqing is an ancient Arabic method that has a lot to do with control over your erection and kind of like weight lifting for your penis.  This involves, at most, doing this in the morning time when your testosterone levels are at their highest. Get into a shower and place a warm and steady stream of water on your penis the water will act as a natural lubricant and help to stimulate the penis.  Take your penis and bring it to an almost erect state and take your thumb and work it over the top to get the blood flowing to the penis.  Most men that do this will actually see some results in this method.  For the most part it will increase girth and as a bonus increase size also. 
  3. Male enhancement pills are another route for those searching to increase penis girth.  These pills act basically like any other method. It will increase the blood flow to your penis and actually act to stretch and widen your penis to help you improve your girth. Pills are the newest in the fight to improve girth for a man as they provide more blood flow to the penis and help to stretch out the tissues in the penis.  There are several brands of pills out now that are available to help a man achieve his goal of more girth. Just like the pump, it is important to stick to the pills for a certain time frame in order to see any results. These pills are only prescribed by your doctor. You can take these pills once a day and they are usually in low doses so as to not harm the person taking them. 

These methods are intended to help improve penis girth for any man that is not satisfied with his size. Luckily, with the breakthroughs in science and medicine, this process is something that is possible.  If you are a man that is concerned about enhancing your girth, know it is completely possible to achieve.  These methods should be able to help out. Good luck getting bigger.  

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