How To Increase Pheromones

Are you familiar with how to increase pheromones? Few people are. This is a quick 5-minute guide on producing more of these sensual body odors. Please note that producing more pheromones doesn’t guarantee success with the opposite sex.

  1. Exercise vigorously. Vigorous exercise can help enhance your pheromone production. Cardiovascular exercise is most effective in this pursuit.
  2. Cleanse your body regularly. Pores clogged with filth will not allow natural pheromones to escape. Often your sweat is heavily laden with pheromones. This is why sweat is commonly considered erotic during coitus. But for people who don’t exercise, their sweat will often contain toxins and dirt.
  3. Change your diet to include sweet fruit and zinc supplements. The zinc will enhance your pheromone production and the sweet fruits will enhance the taste of your body fluids. Kiwi and strawberries are most effective. Pheromones are intimately connected to your sweat glands. It is possible to make your sweat actually taste sweet with the right fruit combination. Along with accentuated pheromones this effect can be extremely powerful to partners.
  4. Cleanse your body before intimate situations. Make sure no toxins are being released in your perspiration.

 Some guides suggest changing your deodorant or not wearing any. This is not recommended. Natural body odor in Western cultures isn’t something most people are used to. Generally our society is used to the smell of deodorant. If you would like to try this, you could try using less deodorant in intimate situations.  Abandoning deodorant is foolhardy and it can set you up for embarrassment. Why would you want to make your potential mate uncomfortable? Please take advantage of these suggestions and enjoy the extra pheromones.

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