How to Increase Pitching Velocity

Learning how to increase pitching velocity is an essential consideration for most pitchers.  Harnessing pitching velocity will enable to to produce the kind of velocity needed to make batters think about your fastball.  Take these considerations into account to increase your pitching velocity.

  1. Spend some time on pitching mechanics.  It is true in any sport: develop skills by improving mechanics of the motion.  Thus, if you want to improve pitching velocity, you can start with the mechanics.  Make sure you develop enough power from your body and pay attention to your release, as these and others are important in building pitching velocity.
  2. Hit the gym.  There is something to be said about strength for pitching velocity.  As you are aware, your shoulders and triceps are the main forces in your pitching strength.  Develop these to harness your maximum pitching velocity.
  3. Do the long toss.  This is the pinnacle of pitching exercises for velocity.  Simple start at 30 feet and keep backing up until you can't reach your partner without a hop, using good pitching mechanics.  Take advantage of this velocity-building exercise.
  4. Work on stamina in conjunction with velocity.  There is little use in increasing pitching velocity if you can't do it for long.  Concentrate on velocity and stamina together in order to develop both, without leaving the other out.
  5. Take care of your arm.  Many do not give their pitching arm sufficient rest.  You simple cannot increase pitching velocity this way.  Give your arm some time off in order to not have to overcome injury.
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