How To Increase Running Speed For Football

When players are trying to improve their ability to play football, many players wonder how to increase their running speed for football.  Increasing running speed gives people the ability to do more on the football field.  Players in the positions of running back, wide receiver, and defensive back can especially benefit from added speed. With this said, are there actual ways to increase running speed for football?  Yes. Let's talk about some of the ways that a football player can increase their speed.

  1. One way to go about increasing running speed for football is to practice running every day. By running daily and perfecting the technique of running, you can increase your speed.  Also, being in good physical condition enables an athlete to run full speed for a longer amount of time. One drill you can do is a 50 to 100 yard sprint. Take about a 30 second break to catch your breath, then do another.  By doing sprints it can really increase the running speed of a football player.
  2. Another way to increase running speed for football is by building the muscles in the leg that are required to be used for running.  Enhancing the explosive muscles in the legs gives people the best chance to succeed at running very fast.  One great exercise is calf raises.  You can do them at home without any equipment.  Stand on the edge of a ledge or a stair.  Lower the heels down as far as possible, then raise them back up with only the toes touching the stair or ledge.  Do as many repetitions as possible until fatigue sets in.  These can also be done with weight over the shoulders if necessary to add more resistance. Another way to build muscle in the legs is to do a leg press.  There is a machine that is used to do this exercise.  Basically a person is seated on a seat and there is weight below the feet that is pushed straight forward.  This is a really great exercise to build the muscles in the legs and help someone to increase running speed.
  3. Maintaining the proper percentage of body fat is another way to increase speed for football.  If a player has excess weight on their body, it will prevent them from running at the level that they need to in order to play football at the highest level.  

There are many football players who are looking to increase their speed.  With the tips listed above, any football player will be able to increase his running speed for football.  Once the speed is increased, it will give the player the ability to do things on the football field that never were possible before.  Just as in many other sports, having speed is very important for many football players.


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