How to Increase Speed in Cycling

Learn how to increase your speed when you are cycling. Sometimes, it could be tedious for us to go faster for numerous of reasons. There are a few tips you could apply to your bike-riding journey to help you go faster easily and effectively. Be sure to thoroughly seek out these procedures:

  1. Apply more pressure to the pedals to increase speed when cycling. If you are not going your desired speed while cycling, then pedal with more force to increase acceleration. Sometimes, this could make you tired quicker, but it works. Be sure not to apply too much force or you could damage your bicycle's chain. You have to give in as much as you want out, so pushing yourself to pedal faster will obviously make the bike's speed increase.
  2. Another way to increse speed when cycling is to shift your bicycle's gears. Changing your bike's gears to increase speed is essential to getting desired results. Most bicycles are equipped with gears right by the handlebars. Some have different numbers on them. If you have gears on your bike, then shift the gears to the highest number possible. Shifting the gears to the highest number makes the resistance stronger, but it also applies just as much force to the make the speed increase faster while cycling.
  3. Remove unnecessary weight from the bike in order to increase speed when cycling. If you are cycling with a lot of weight, then this could slow you down a bit. Remove all things that does not come equipped with the bike. This will instantly increase your speed while you cycle. Extra weight makes you and the bike work harder to get moving.



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