How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Any male interested in having children should know how to increase sperm count naturally. There are many reason why a male's sperm count could be low. Things that seemingly wouldn't have any effect on the sperm count can affect it eventually. Things like wearing underpants that are too tight, being too hot or sitting for an extended period of time can all have a negative effect on the sperm count. Below are some ways to increase your sperm count.

  1. Get regular exercise. Don't get too much exercise. Exercise will keep your stress level low and help keep your body at a normal weight. Men who are overweight usually have a lower sperm count because the layers of fat on them warm their testicles.
  2. Try to keep cool. Being overly hot or even too warm can lower your sperm count. Stay away from hot tubs, hot showers and tight underwear. Anything that can make you hot is something that you should avoid.
  3. Masturbate less often. Masturbation will cause your sperm to be less dense whenever you ejaculate.
  4. Cut back on drinking and smoking. Anything that negatively affects your liver will raise your estrogen levels.
  5. Your age. Men over 30 have less of a sperm count. Even though you cannot change your age, you should still take it into consideration when trying to have a baby.
  6. Have sex early in the morning or afternoon. Sperm levels are highest in the morning and afternoon.

Trying to have a baby can be stressful and hard. Try to make it fun. Sex isn't supposed to feel like a chore; if it does, try to spice things up by trying something different. If you are continuing to have problems with low sperm count, talk to your doctor. They may be able to give you more helpful advice.

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