How To Increase Vertical Jump

Learning how to increase vertical jump can transform your leaping ability. While it won't turn you into Michael Jordan, it can add some inches which could be vital to your sport of choice. Common techniques to increase your vertical jump can really help your game.

  1. Always stretch out your legs before exercising. Do some basic leg stretches and perhaps a quick jog. This will warm up your muscles and help prevent injury, as with any exercise routine. Explosive jumping exercises will certainly require that you stretch beforehand.
  2. Use alternative exercises for your vertical jump. While the following exercises specific to jumping are great, don't completely rely on them. Jump rope represents a great cardiovascular conditioning exercise, which can enhance your results. Sprints can add muscle to your leg muscles, which of course can also help your vertical jump.
  3. Run stairs (on your toes). Run up a flight of stairs, taking one step at a time; you can walk down the stairs. The next time up, take two steps at a time. This can be repeated to what you can handle.
  4. Perform elevated jumps. Elevated jumps are done with a bench or platform in front of you. Start on the platform, jumping back on the ground softly. Now jump onto the platform right away, along with a bouncing motion. Aim for three sets of ten, and ask for a spotter when you begin as this can be dangerous.
  5. Toe raises (without and with weights). From a standing position, raise to the tips of your toes slowly (30 to 50 reps). This exercise can be done with or without weights and is great for developing leg muscles to improve your vertical jump.



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