How To Increase Your Odds In Craps

Learning how to increase your odds in craps will give you the edge in this dice game. Craps is a high-speed, complex game with decent odds if you know how to play the table correctly. Although the house always will have the edge, money can be made (and lost) very quickly.

  1. Play the "Don't Pass" line. Statistically, your best odds in craps is by betting with the house and, sadly, against the shooter. You may not be very popular with this strategy, but you'll increase your odds by playing this way.
  2. Back up your pass (or don't pass) line bet. Every craps table will have a sign posted about what the maximum odds are. Whenever possible, put as much behind your original bet as you can. This is where the real money is made.
  3. Increase your odds in craps by staying away from the sucker bets. The craps table is full of sucker bets which may be fun but are not very profitable. The most notorious is the "Field" bet. Sure, it's fun and, sure, every once in a while a twelve will come in when you've got ten dollars on the field bet but, in the long run, the field is a sucker bet. The same can be said for the Horn bets. Again, these are a lot of fun when they come in but they must come in on only the next roll.
  4. Place money directly on the numbers instead of placing "Come" bets. If you place a Come bet, you put money on the Come box, a number is rolled and this is another established point for you. But, it must come in a second time for you to get paid. Instead, just ask the dealer to put money on a number for you. Pick a number five through ten and you only have to wait for the number to come in once to win. Now, THAT'S a great way to increase your odds in craps!
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