How To Increase Your Running Speed

If you don't know how to increase your running speed it is time you find out. Increasing running speed will take some heavy training. You must be dedicated and disciplined to increase your speed. With some special running drills, you can increase your speed in no time. Remember that when training you should be dressed appropriately.

To train to increase running speed, you will need:

  • running shoes
  • comfortable clothes
  1. Train doing a sideways crossover. To do this training exercise, you will need to move the left leg in front of the left and then the right. As the left leg begins to cross you will need to rotate your hips and your shoulders. To increase running speed, you will need to be fast on your feet. Move quickly, but start off slowly.
  2. Run Backwards. Running backwards will not just help to increase speed, but also help to increase coordination. When you first start to run backwards, you will not be to fast. Over time you will increase your speed and agility.
  3. Run with your hands on the back of your head. Another training exercise to increase speed is running with your hands behind your head. When doing this, you should alternate running with your hands on your head and then off. As your running speed increases this will become more difficult. This exercise will allow your muscles to become stronger.
  4. Complete rear kicks. One more great way to increase running speed is to do rear kicks. This will help you to gain a better stride. To complete this dill, you will keep your legs straight and slightly lean forward. You will then kick up your legs to your rear, and increase speed as you do these. This training exercise can be done either standing still or moving forward.
  5. Repeat these drills daily. Increasing your running speed will take time and plenty of training. You should keep up with these drills on a daily basis. To make sure you do not over work yourself, you should walk or jog in between drills. Completing about an hour of training a day will help you see a considerable increase in your running speed.
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