How To Infuse Liquor

Knowing how to infuse liquor will elevate all your drinks and cocktails to a higher level. Learning how to marry flavors and spirits will guarantee that it is always happy hour.

What You Will Need to Infuse Liquor:

  • Herbs, Spices, Fruit
  • Liquor (Lighter liquor such as Vodka or Gin work best, but any liquor will work.)
  • Clean Air Tight Jar
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Paper Coffee Filter
  • Mason Jar
  1. Select your spirit for infusion, make sure the liquor is of at least decent quality. Lighter and clear liquors such as vodka work best, though, you can use a darker spirit.
  2. Choose your herb, spice or fruit to infuse into the liquor. You can mix and match herbs, spices and fruits but try not to do more than three flavors at a time as you want the flavors to come through when tasting the infused liquor.
  3. Place the ingredient or ingredients to be infused into the liquor into the jar. Pour your liquor over the ingredients.
  4. Seal the jar. Ensure that you have sealed the jar properly to prevent any leaks or spills as you will shake the jar often while infusing the liquor with your flavor choices.
  5. Place your jar in a cool dark place that is easily accessible to you. You need shake your liquor at least once a day over several days up to weeks.
  6. Taste your infused liquor after the third day. If you would like a stronger infused flavor continue to let the ingredients sit in the liquor.
  7. Remove the flavoring ingredients from your infused liquor once you are satisfied with the intensity of the infusion. Place the strainer or coffee filter over the mason jar to catch the flavoring ingredients as you pour out your infused liquor into the mason jar.
  8. Seal the mason jar. Store your infused liquor along with the rest of the spirits.
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