How To Infuse Vodka With Cucumber

Home cooks have learned how to infuse vodka with cucumber in their own kitchens. By making your own cucumber vodka, you can enjoy delicious, refreshing beverages such as cucumber martinis and cucumber vodka gimlets. Many commercial vodka companies make and sell cucumber infused vodka, but by making your own you save money and control the flavor to develop a vodka that suits your personal taste.

To infuse vodka with cucumber, you'll need:

  • one 750 milliliter bottle of vodka
  • one small jar
  • one cucumber
  • knife
  • spoon
  • a strainer
  • one large measuring cup
  1. Prepare the vodka bottle. To make room for the cucumber in your 750 ml bottle of vodka, pour out a cup of the vodka from the bottle. Pour the cup of vodka in the jar, seal it and save it for later use.

  2. Peel and seed the cucumber. Remove the peel using a knife or vegetable peeler, then cut the cucumber in half. Use a spoon to remove the seeds from the center of both halves of the cucumber you'll be using to infuse your vodka.

  3. Slice the cucumber. Use your knife to slice your cucumber into long strips. The strings should be thin enough to slide through the neck of your vodka bottle.

  4. Add the cucumber. To infuse your vodka with cucumber, place all of your cucumber strips in the bottle.

  5. Seal the bottle. Replace the vodka bottle's original top.

  6. Let it sit. Store the bottle at room temperature for two weeks.

  7. Shake. Every 48 hours during the two weeks, shake the bottle gently to infuse the vodka with cucumber.

  8. Strain. After the two weeks is up, strain the vodka through a mesh strainer into a large measuring cup, removing any cucumber pieces. Pour the completed cucumber-infused vodka back into the original bottle.

  9. Enjoy. Enjoy your vodka infused with cucumber over ice or in a mixed beverage.

 Tip: Store vodka infused with cucumber in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresh.   



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