How To Infuse Vodka With Lemon

Do you want to learn how to infuse vodka with lemon? Infused vodkas are hot on the market and everyone loves them. There are tons of recipes that call for these flavorful spirits. They will add a new dimension to your cocktails and your homemade version is sure to impress your guests. Cut down on the cost and make your own. Your own homemade version of infused vodka with lemon can be cost effective and will have a fresher flavor.


  • Choose a large tall jar with a tight fighting lid.
  • Use a lemon zester or a sharp pairing knife
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 cups vodka
  • wooden spoon

How To Infuse Vodka With Lemon.

  1. Wash and dry lemons.
  2. Zest lemons, if you don't have a zester, peel the lemons and remove as much as the pith as possible.
  3. Add the lemon zest to the jar and top with vodka.
  4. Sprinkle a layer of sugar over the fruit and dissolve to speed infusion, stirring well with wooden spoon (this step is optional.)
  5. Shake jar daily.
  6. Allow to sit for 3-4 days out of direct sunlight.
  7. After your vodka has infused, taste it. If it's not strong enough let it sit for a few more days.
  8. If you find it too strong add more vodka to dilute it.
  9. Mix up your favourate cocktail and enjoy!


  • Choose Your Vodka. The better the vodka, the more superior the final product will be. Try to choose a vodka that has been filtered at least three times. The more a vodka is filtered the better the result. The vodka will have a pure, cleaner, more crisp taste to it.
  • Buy And Prepare Your Fruit. When purchasing your lemons, look for large plump, brightly colored fruit. Regular lemons can be used, but if you want to add a spectacular flavor to your vodka, consider the Meyer lemon. It is a sweeter, better tasting lemon. It is a cross between a regular lemon and a tangerine. Make sure there is no rot or discoloration on the lemons. Wash your fruit well, you don't want an dirt or pesticides in your infused vodka. Dry the fruit thoroughly. Zest or peel the lemons ensuring there is no pith. The pith will make the vodka bitter and will ruin the taste.


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