How To Infuse Vodka With Tea

Knowing how to infuse vodka with tea is a wonderful, unique way to enjoy your vodka. This particular drink would be great on hot summer days at the beach, with a little bit of tonic, or just on the rocks with a little bit of lemon.

You Will Need:

  • Vodka
  • Single-Serve Tea Bags
  • Glasses
  • Ice and/or Tonic
  • Sugar
  1. Choose Your Tea. You can choose from any number of teas with which to infuse your vodka. Tazo makes a number of great-tasting teas, or you could go with the simple Lipton Lemon. Some other great favorites are raspberry, blueberry, peach, or pomegranate tea.
  2. Put The Tea In the Vodka. Open up the bottle(s) of vodka and place the tea inside. You can use as many or as few bags of tea as you wish, depending on how strong you wish the flavor to be. For a small bottle, use one or two bags, but for a larger bottle we suggest using four or five bags. You may also add sugar as you wish. It is not necessary to chill the vodka, you may leave it at room temperature.
  3. Leave Overnight. Allow the tea to be infused in the vodka overnight. You may choose to leave it for two days, but one day should be sufficient.
  4. Serve. Since the tea is in bags, there is no need to strain the vodka. Simply prepare your glass however you wish, whether it's mixed with soda or tonic, on the rocks, or straight up, and pour in your desired amount of vodka. Enjoy and share with your friends!



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