How To Infuse Watermelon With Vodka

Nothing says summertime like watermelon, and nothing says summertime fun like learning how to infuse a watermelon with vodka. Very easy and fairly quick to prepare, vodka-infused watermelon makes a great addition to any picnic barbecue, or other adult event. Simply prepare it a day in advance so your watermelon is fully infused with the vodka, and you’re good to go. And while it may not be exactly what the experts had in mind, we can’t think of a tastier way to incorporate more fruit into your diet.

To infuse a watermelon with vodka, you’ll need:

  • A watermelon
  • A bottle of vodka (with the cap)
  • A small, sharp knife
  • A small spoon
  • A refrigerator
  1. To infuse a watermelon with vodka, remove the cap from your vodka bottle. Place the watermelon on a counter so that it sits without rolling away. Use the cap from your vodka bottle to trace a circle on the top of the watermelon.  
  2. With a sharp knife, cut out the hole and remove the watermelon rind. Since you’ll be placing the top of the bottle into this hole to infuse your watermelon with vodka, make sure it’s slightly bigger than the bottle top. Use a small spoon to “dig” into the hole, going as deep as possible and removing as much watermelon as you can without destroying the hole.
  3. Hold the watermelon securely in your arm, and very quickly insert the top of your bottle of vodka into the hole you’ve created. Flip the bottle upside down and, keeping it upright, apply gently pressure until it’s firmly lodged into the top of the fruit and is infusing the watermelon with vodka.  
  4. Carefully place the watermelon into the refrigerator, propping the vodka bottle against the refrigerator wall so it stays firmly in the hole. Allow it to sit for 24 hours. When the bottle is nearly empty, your watermelon has been infused with vodka. Remove the bottle, taking care not to spill any of the liquor.  
  5. Enjoy your watermelon infused with vodka by cutting the melon into slices and serving it cold. You can also freeze your watermelon infused with vodka to create a delicious adult dessert.
  6. In addition to infusing a watermelon with vodka, you can also use many other varieties of liquor. While vodka has a neutral taste, watermelon will complement the flavors of rum or even whiskey. You can also get creative and infuse a watermelon with Malibu Rum, Triple Sec, or even Peach Schnapps for a tropical taste.
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