How To Insert A Hyperlink In A Word Document

If you've ever had to create an interactive document in Microsoft Word rather than just using all text, you may have wondered how to insert a hyperlink in a Word document. Adding hyperlinks is a quick and easy way to add interactivity to your documents. Hyperlinks can easily be opened in a browser from the document by holding the Ctrl key while clicking on the hyperlink. There are several different ways to insert a hyperlink into a Word document.

  1. Use the hyperlink icon. If you only want to include part of the address in the document or name it something else entirely, Word won't recognize it as a hyperlink, so you will have to select the text you want to convert to a hyperlink, then click the hyperlink icon on the toolbar. The icon is a picture of a globe with two connected chain links on it. A window will pop up asking you what the target address is, and it will give you various customisation options for your hyperlink.
  2. Type the web address into the document. Microsoft Word will automatically convert the web address to a hyperlink if you type either the full address including the "http://", or the address beginning with "www".  It won't appear to be a hyperlink until you press the space bar or the enter key after the end of the address.
  3. Copy and paste the address into the document. This will automatically create a hyperlink in your document, but it will show up as the address itself.  If you want to change the text that it shows, you will have to select the automatic hyperlink and click the hyperlink icon in order to format it and change the displayed text.
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