How To Insert A Nose Ring

Not sure about how to insert a nose ring? Although all nose rings are put into the nose ring hole, depending on the post of the nose ring, it might need to be inserted differently. The post of a nose ring can be straight, have a tiny ball, or a screw hook at the end.

  • To insert one with a straight post, you just insert straight forward. The straight end goes down into the nose ring piercing (or hole). Once inserted, the backing can be tightened on at the point at which the post is in the hole in order to secure it in place, or it can be left off. Many people leave the back off, as it can look like something other than a nose ring back sitting in your nose, if you catch our drift.
  • A nose rings with the ball on the end is a more stable option for your nose as it comes without the worry of it coming out as easily. Leading with the tiny ball, place the nose ring in the nose ring hole (piercing). When the nose ring hole isn't big enough this tiny ball may prove to be difficult to get in and may cause some pain. But it isn't impossible. Work the nose ring by twisting it gently in the hole. Add a lubricant to assist the nose ring going into the hole. Use the opposite index finger on the other hand as support and guide to find the hole on the inside of the nose.
  • To insert a nose ring with a screw hook on the end takes a little getting used to. Much like the straight post, insert the pointed end first into the hole but this time start to twist or screw down into the nose ring hole until it is completely through. Many people, once they get use to the screw hook, like this type of post because it is more secure than the straight and tiny ball ends. 
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