How To Insert A Rectal Suppository

If you have ever experienced a severe bout of constipation, you might want to learn how to insert a rectal suppository. Although inserting a suppository is not a difficult procedure, it must be done carefully, as to not cause undue discomfort. Rectal suppositories are generally used to treat constipation, as they promote a bowel movement and relieve the associated abdominal pain, pressure and bloating. By following some easy steps, you can safely and efficiently learn how to insert a rectal suppository in no time.

Things you will need to insert a rectal suppository:

  • Soap and water
  • Pre-lubricated suppository
  • Latex gloves
  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with hot or warm soapy water. Make sure you clean under your fingernails, as bacteria can hide underneath your nails. Rinse your hands completely and dry them thoroughly. It is crucial that your hands are clean when you insert a rectal suppository so you do not introduce any more bacteria into the rectal area.
  2. After washing your hands, put on a pair of new latex or plastic gloves. Be careful to not touch anything except the package of the suppository after donning your gloves to avoid contaminating them. When you insert a rectal suppository, make sure your gloves are not too large or too small, as this will cause your insertion efforts to be clumsy and perhaps ineffective.
  3. Carefully open the suppository package and do not remove the suppository until ready to use.
  4. Lie or sit on your right side when you insert a rectal suppository so that you feel comfortable and are able to adequately reach around to your rectal area.
  5. Remove the suppository from the packaging and grasp it firmly between your thumb and middle finger. Before you insert a rectal suppository, make sure you hold the smaller end away from your palm, while resting your index finger on the flat side of the suppository.
  6. Gently place the tapered or small end on your rectum and carefully press the suppository into your rectum with your index finger until past the rectal sphincter muscle. Remove your finger, while leaving the suppository in place. When you insert a rectal suppository incorrectly or not far enough, it will slip back out.
  7. After you insert a rectal suppository, tighten up your sphincter muscle as to hold your suppository in place. Stay in your original position for at least 2 to 5 minutes so your suppository has a change to work. You can remain in your same position longer than 5 minutes until the urge to have a bowel movement occurs.
  8. When the procedure is complete, take off your gloves and wash your hands with hot water and soap.
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