How To Insert Sounds Into The Urethra

Figuring out how to insert sounds into the urethra is something that should be left up to the trained professionals. Inserting anything into your urethra just isn't a good idea gentleman. Sounds were created to open up any blockages from the penis through the urethra. Without the usage of these sounds probing their ways to the urethra, the afflicted guy would find it painful if not completely impossible to urinate. Sounds are very thin, smooth, and metallic. Many of them have an s-curve at one end in order for the doctor to tease the blockages open. But, how do you get a sound into the urethra? Very carefully. That's how.

  1. Positioning.  First things first. You can't insert a sound into the urethra unless the subject is positioned correctly. Your subject has to be resting on his back. This is so you can reach the penis easier. Imagine trying to insert a sound into the urethra with your subject laying on his stomach. It would be pretty much an impossible endeavor.
  2. Insertion. In order to get that sound in there, you have to make sure the penis is soft. It'll make it easier to allow the sound to slide into the urethra. You are not to force the sound into the urethra. You're supposed to let it gradually make it's way to the urethra. The sound will be liberally lubricated before insertion is attempted.
  3. Penal manipulation. One hand should be guiding the sound down the urethra. The other hand should be manipulating the soft penis. You see, you're not actually pushing the sound down the penis hole, you're actually moving the penis around the sound. Take into account the shape of the tip of the sound. You're going to have to move the softened penis around the shape of the sound until you reach the blockages. The weight of the sound will be enough to open up the blockages. Remember, you don't have to push. Let the weight of the sound cause it to slide down through the urethra.


  • Other stuff. Apparently inserting a sound into the urethra can be a huge sexual turn on. Do not attempt to slide sounds into your urethra for the purposes of reaching some sort of sexual plateau. An inexperienced hand can seriously damage your penis. It's never a good idea to molest your little soldier in ways that you're not used to. Stick to the lotion and porn mags.
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