How To Inside Boomerang

Though slightly more difficult than the Outside Boomerang, learning how to Inside Boomerang is a very attainable goal. The Inside Boomerang is one of the easier floor based breakdancing moves to do. A little practice and a lost of stretching, and you'll master the Inside Boomerang in no time. Just like the Outside Boomerang, The Inside Boomerang is one of those moves that looks really cool but you won't get any B-boying awards for completing one. No, the Inside Boomerang is only a stylish bridging maneuver. It's good for transitioning from one move to another. Here's how to do Inside Boomerangs.

  1. The stretching. The Inside Boomerang does require you to be quite loose. Make sure you stretch before attempting this move. Your legs, hips and lower back will be tensed through the course of the move so make sure you stretch these areas very well. Don't forget to loosen up your arms and shoulders as well.
  2. Doing the Inside Boomerang. The difference between the Inside Boomerang and the Outside Boomerang is the positioning of your arms. Some people may think this isn't a big deal, think again. The positioning of your arms not only determines the positioning of the rest of your body, it also determines how you'll distribute your weight during your balancing act. For the purposes of learning the Inside Boomerang, we'll start off on the floor. Sit with your legs spread and extended. Position your extended arms on the outside of your legs. Your palms should be squarely on the ground with your fingers spread. Angle your hands slightly outward to help with balance. Tense your abs and try to lift your legs off the ground. You'll need to use your shoulders to elevate your butt off the ground. Tightening your lower back and poking your butt out helps too. You'll need to lean your upper body forward too. Think of your body as a swing. Once you can hold this elevated position for a while, you can learn how to move.
  3. The Spin. This spin can be slightly more difficult than the Outside Boomerang  spin. You need to lean to one side and use your other hand to paddle you around in a circle. This will take some practice. Your butt will more than likely hit the floor a few times. There's no real way to teach balancing in this position. You have to figure out your sweet spot as far as spinning is concerned. The best advice that can be given here is to make sure you don't lift your paddling hand too far off the ground because you'll fall. Just make sure you keep moving.
  4. The Walk. This particular Inside Boomerang maneuver is just like the Outside Boomerang. It's just a matter of waddling by switching your weight from each arm while simultaneously moving the opposite arm slightly forward. Once you've figured out how to balance, you should have no problem completing the walk move.
  5. Practice. As always, The Inside Boomerang, along with any other move in breakdancing, is only so cool by itself. You need to practice quickly getting in and out of the Inside Boomerang so you can link it to more maneuvers. There's no sense to incorporating a move into your dance routine if it takes you twenty minutes to do it. 
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