How To Install Air Bags On ’97 Honda CRV

Knowing how to install air bags on a ’97 Honda CRV is quite simple. Several cars from Honda, such as the CRV, come with the usual passenger and driver air bags. If you have the desire to change the air bags, you should exercise adequate caution while doing this because the material of the air bags is very sensitive. 

Things You Will Need to Install Air Bags On '97 Honda CRV:

  • Screwdriver from Phillips
  • Air bag units
  • Torx wrench


  1. Take out both the battery terminals, beginning with the negative terminal cable. Waiting for the air bags on a ’07 Honda CRV to lose its strength is a precaution you should take.  
  2. Take out the cover to the lower portion of the steering wheel of the ’97 Honda CRV by taking out the attached screws. As you remove them also pull out the panel to remove 3 clips. Take out the connectors (electrical) for the air bag on the side of the driver. This is a 2 pin connector located to the rear of the cover.
  3. Take out the screws that help mount the air bags situated over the steering section. You might have to move the wheel to get hold of the screws on both sides. This will assist to get the ’97 Honda CRV in a neutral position. Now remove the air bag from the wheel of the ’97 Honda CRV.
  4. Remove the existing glove box or any one of the dashboard components on the side of the passenger side of the ’97 Honda CRV by taking out the screws (Phillips). You should remove the glove box and take out 2 stops located on either sides before you take out the screws.
  5. Remove the connector on the passenger side of the air bag on a ’07 Honda CRV. This will be either 2 or a 3 plug type connector. If the connector has 3 pins find the red connector and join the 3 pin connector to it just when you remove the connector from the air bag.
  6. Remove the screws of the air bag on the passenger side and take the air bag down, taking it out from the mount. If there are any mount guides, they should come out but remember to attach them back to the frame.
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