How To Install Antenna On 1999 BMW 328i

Leanring how to install an antenna on your 1999 BMW 328i may only take approximately an hour of your time because it’s easy and there’s no special tools needed. The following guide on how to install an antenna on 1999 BMW 328i or E46 3 Series Coupe/Sedan and is not advisable for other car brands or models because the instructions below are strictly for the mentioned BMW model. If your 199 BMW 328i has a telephone antenna on the roof, this should be removed first. Install a bumper mount antenna instead.

What you need:

  • Roof Antenna kit
  • Marker (non permanent)
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler or any flexible edge
  • Pick
  • Bone tool
  • Sealant (silicone)


  1. Clean the roof of your 199 BMW 328i. The kit should provide a cleaning pad to use for the roof cleaning.

  2. Remove the taillight assembly inside the trunk. Relocate the left trim panel.

  3. Get the center of the roof’s rear of the 1999 BMW 328i. Both sides of the car roof have a bar that runs from the front to the back; this is where you start the markings. Use the non permanent marker and a flexible ruler to do dashes or a straight line. From the left side bar bottom edge which connects to the back window make horizontal dashes or a straight line across towards the bar on the right side. Measure and mark the center of the line.

  4. Draw a second line on the top. Locate the fixed horizontal line on the bars; there should be one and the closest. Following the fixed lines from both bars draw the second line across the roof.

  5. Connect both lines by drawing a vertical line from the bottom line’s marked center. This will be the center line where the antenna will be placed.

  6. Peel off the adhesive paper from the antenna. Start with the bottom or the tail of the antenna going upward then do the opposite direction for the adhesive paper on the head.

  7. Place the antenna on the center line of the 1999 BMW 328i. Ensure that it is equally positioned and the end of the tail where the cable wires are coming from overhangs on the edge of the roof. Firmly press the antenna.

  8. Use the pick to pull open the rubber seal of the back window to expose the channel. This channel is where you will seat the antenna cables.

  9. Use the pick in combination of the bone tool to carefully rest the antenna cables on the channel. Guide the cables going to the left direction down to the bottom of the back window.

  10. Open the trunk and remove the plug in the left rear fender. Insert the antenna cables and put the plug back in. Use silicone sealant to properly seal the ends of the grommet.

  11. Route the cables to connect color coded ends to their respective terminals. Then lock the terminal block.

  12. Then guide the cables to the bottom left side of the component. Connect the color coded cables to the ALC module. Coil and secure excess antenna cables. The ALC connectors then will be connected to the receiver. Follow on with the receivers installation. 



  • Ensure that the antenna cables are properly seated and connected. Knots and pinches on the cables or too tight coiling may cause problems with the output of the radio system. Please read the manual of the 1999 BMW 328i.

  • Try not to damage the surface of the vehicle while channeling the antenna cables.

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