How to Install Basketball Hoop On Garage

If you need help on how to install a basketball hoop on a garage, then this is the article for you. So memorize this article, print it out, or take your laptop outside and let's get started.

Before we get started make sure you have these materials:

  • Garage basketball hoop
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Power drill
  • Crescent wrenches
  • Level

Note: Some basketball hoops that are made to be installed over the garage may need other materials in order to install to. Make sure you read the directions on the back. 

Now, let's get started:

  1. Step 1: The first step in installing a basketball hoop over a garage is to install the mounting bracket first. Make sure you install the mounting bracket according to the kit’s instructions. Make sure it is mounted securely on your roof.
  2. Step 2: The second step in installing a basketball hoop over the garage is to attach the backboard to the mounting bracket. Before tightening the bolts, make sure the backboard is leveled. Once it is leveled, tighten the bolts.
  3. Step 3: The final step in installing a basketball hoop over the garage is to put the rim on. After installing the rim, attach the net to the rim. After you have done that, congratulations! You have now finished installing your basketball hoop over your garage.
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