How to Install Basketball Nets

If you have a torn net on your basketball hoop, you may want to learn how to install basketball nets. A torn basketball net can ruin your playing experience by sending your ball in unpredictable directions after a successful shot. Here is a simple guide to helping you install basketball nets:

To install basketball nets, you will need:

  • (1) ladder
  • (1) new basketball net
  • (1) scissors
  • (1) partner to steady the ladder
  1. Climb the ladder and cut down the old net. Position the ladder slightly off-center beneath the net, using a partner to hold the ladder. To replace a nylon net, use the scissors to remove it by cutting near the net mounting hardware. If your are replacing a chain net, use care as the chain metal may be sharp and/or rusted.
  2. Hang the new basketball net from the rim. Find the top of the new net: it will have a larger diameter than the other side, and has long loops to hang on each of the rings attached to the rim. Install the net using one loop for each net mount by placing placing it onto or through the mounting fixture . Pull each loop tight after installing to ensure it is securely fastened to the rim. 
  3. Once all loops are installed, pull the net tight from the bottom to ensure the net is secure to the rim. Nylon basketball nets are especially vulnerable to coming loose at the top if not properly secured. Give a quick, solid pull to the bottom of the net to ensure all loops are installed tightly. 


Handle chain basketball nets with care, as they may have sharp or rusted edges.

Falling from a ladder can cause severe injury or death.

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