How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain

There is no need to hire a plumber to figure out how to install bathroom sink drain. This is a relatively easy repair to do. With the right steps, parts and tools to use, you will have your bathroom sink drain installed in no time.

 What you will to need install bathroom sink drain:

  • Drain kit
  • Wrench/Piers
  • Plumber's putty


  1. Purchase a drain kit and plumbers putty from your local hardware store. This is pretty much all that is necessary to install bathroom sink drain. Disconnect the pipe under the sink, from the sink drain. Use a monkey wrench or just a pair of pliers to loosen and remove the nut and gasket that keeps the sink drain in place.

  2. Remove old sink drain from sink. Before installing new drain, apply the plumbers putty around the sink opening (flange); this will help to set the drain and prevent leakage, then drop the sink drain in and put a little force on it to set it into the plumber’s putty, clean up excessive putty. You can allow the putty to strengthen a bit around the drain, but it’s not required.

  3. Secure the drain under the sink. Tighten the nut with your hand as tight as you can get it and then with your wrench or pliers finishing securing it. Don’t over tighten the nut, it’s possible to crack the gasket or even the sink, then you will make this simple and easy project a bigger and more difficult project.

This project should take no more than an hour to accomplish, but with any project you can run into a problem, but with a little patience you should still be able to get it done.

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