How To Install BMX Headset

Learning how to install a BMX headset will allow you to modify your BMX bike easily. Headsets on a BMX provide the basis for handlebar placement. Learning to install headsets will allow you to change out the handlebars. Stock handlebars on a BMX are not always properly fitted for what riders may want to do. Changing the headset will allow you to place in freestyle handlebars. Or, by changing out the headset, you can put on lighter racing style handle bars on your BMX. This article will explain the process for installing a new headset on a BMX bike to maximize opportunities.

To install a BMX headset, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • Headset
  • Lubricant
  • Allen wrench

How to install a BMX headset:

  1. Wipe down the steer tube to ensure no grease is present. Next, you will want to lubricate (lithium grease) all your bolts. Lubricate only the threads and only enough to ‘wet’ the bolt. Too much lubricant is not good for the installation.
  2. Place a spacer over the steering tube. Put the headset together using the lubricated bolts. Only finger tighten at this point. Slide the headset over the steering tube. There should be room above the headset on the steering tube. Place another spacer on top of the headset.
  3. Take the cap and grease the threads. Place the cap into the steering tube. Use your fingers to tighten. Insert the Allen wrench into the cap. Before you tighten, lift the bike frame off the ground and ensure the headset is aligned with the frame. Tighten with the Allen wrench to complete.
  4. Now tighten the clamp bolts in increments. Tighten one at a time until they are both tight. Then complete with another turn. Wipe down the area to move any lubricant. Remove the four bolts from the headset to place in the handlebars.
  5. Again, lubricate the threads only. Place the handlebars in place and insert the first of four bolts. Finger tighten each one. Once all are in, check the alignment of the handlebars and use the Allen wrench to tighten. Tighten the first bolt and then the bolt diagonally from the first.
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