How To Install Boat Docking Lights

Learning how to install boat docking lights can expand the ways that you can enjoy your boat dock. With boat docking lights, you’ll no longer need to worry about dealing with the hassle of flash lights. Boat docking lights also make it easier to spot your boat dock after a night of fishing. Nothing is harder than trying to pick out your property after a long night of fishing without a landmark after dark. If you’re ready to install your own set of boat dock lights, than take a look at a list of supplies you’ll need.

To construct your own set of boat dock lights, you’ll need the following:

  • Reliable power source
  • Outdoor extension cord
  • Poles
  • Bulbs
  • Light boxes
  • Outdoor wiring
  • Electric drill with screws
  • Saw


  1. Construct your poles. Cut out the wooden poles for your boat dock lights to the length that you desire. I would recommend making them high enough to safely house your lights over your head. Make sure that you use treated lumber to prevent damage from the elements. These poles don’t need to be fancy, just sturdy enough to house your lights. You can attach these poles to your boat dock in a variety of ways, but drilling them into the bottom of your boat dock is usually the easiest way.
  2. Install your lights. Take your light boxes and install them on the locations you’d like to have them out on your poles. These light boxes can be a standard electrical box that you would buy for placing a bulb over your work bench in the garage, but don’t be afraid to expand your options on this step. Make sure that your light fixture will sufficiently house your bulb to prevent it from possible damage. After screwing your light in, make sure to run outdoor wiring from your box down to the bottom of your pole.
  3. Run your power. After having successfully run your wires from your poles, make sure to connect them all to a single power source to prevent having multiple extension cords lying around the yard! Run your extension cord from your power source and connect it to your wires via an outdoor outlet. If you would like, you can also choose to bury your outdoor extension cord to make your project look neater.

If you have multiple poles with multiples wires, you can use an outdoor extension cord with multiple outlets. Having a power source next to your boat dock is very handy for keeping your boat charged and a variety of other reasons! If you’re unsure as to where to run your extension cord, you should use the closest available source, possibly an outdoor power source or even from your garage. By installing boat dock lights, you’ll be able to enjoy your time in the warm summer months on the lake well past sunset.

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