How To Install Boogie Board Leash

Do you want to learn how to install a boogie board leash? Installing a leash on a boogie board is a quick how to for even a novice boarder. Installing a boogie board leash on a boogie board is a two-step process. Having a leash on a boogie board is a wise idea. Leashes on boogie boards will keep them from being lost out to sea or taken by rip tides. Learning to install a leash on a boogie board can save you plenty of cash in the ling run. This article will define the process to install a leash on a boogie board. Read on and discover just how effortless it is to install a leash on a boogie board.

Boogie boarding offers fun in the sun with a splash of fun. Boogie boarding is a favorite pass time of beach goers. Boogie boarding rest somewhere between body surfing and traditional surfing. If you have never tried it, you should, if you have then you know what a blast it can be.

To install a leash on a boogie board, you will need:

  • Boogie board
  • Boogie board leash
  • Screw driver (Phillips)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Towel

How to install a leash on a boogie board:

  1. Turn the boogie board bottom side up. Decide if you want to have the leash at the heel or toe side of the boogie board. Use the towel to clean the area. Mark your installation point with the pen. Use the screwdriver to push though the foam at a ninety-degree angle.
  2. Stop when you reach the top skin. Slowly and carefully, push the screwdriver through the deck skin. Once through, slowly retract the screwdriver. Now push the leash plug through the hole and fasten through the hole in the deck.



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