How To Install A Brake Cable On A BMX Bike

Need to know how to install a brake cable on a BMX bike? There are many reasons to do so. Putting a straight cable on this type of bicycle is a simple process. The straight brake gives the user more stopping power than the traditional gyro brakes used. Installing a straight cable is the most common solution.

To Install a Brake Cable on a BMX Bike You Will Need:

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Work stands are helpful but not required
  • Hex Wrench Set
  • Cable Cutters
  1. Set the BMX bike up on a work stand. If a work stand is not available or is being used for something more important like storing your collection of publications from the fine folks at "Playboy", set it up against the wall instead. The important thing is to prop the bike up.
  2. Loosen the front brake caliper on the BMX bike. Use the wrenches to do this. The hand brake system will remain even though you are replacing the rear brake entirely.
  3. Loosen the cable near the back and pull the gyro loose. Use the wrenches to attach the brake clamps to the front. Remove the original cable and tighten the brake calipers on the front handle of the bike.
  4. Cut the he straight cable for you BMX to the proper length. When you have cut the cable to the proper length, use 10 mm combination wrenches to place the U-clamp above the break. Take the length of wire out and attach it to the right side of the brake.

You have now got a new straight cable, but the procedure is not done yet. As with any other repair project, you need to test the bike with its new brakes. Take the BMX bike with the straight cable out to a safe place. Use the new brake cable a couple of times to see if it works. If it snaps, you obviously did something wrong.

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