How To Install Car Amplifier And Subwoofer

Learning how to install a car amplifier and subwoofer is quite simple to learn. It does not really involve highly technical skills to be able to do the task. With these simple steps you will learn how to install a car amplifier and subwoofer with better ease. 

You will need:

  • amplifier wiring kit
  • screwdrivers
  • wire connectors
  • wire cutters and strippers
  • electrical tape 


  1.  Remove battery terminals. This is to ensure that you will not short anything out during  installation. Disconnect first the negative terminal, then the positive terminal done in that order.  Check the firewall for possible hole leading into the cab of the car. If a hole is not available, make a drill making sure to put some kind of rubber gasket before running the wire to prevent the metal edges from cutting the wire of the audio system. You can start running the power wire or cable. The fuse should be removed before you connect the wires. 
  2. Remove the internal plastic panels leading to where you are going to install the amplifier. This is usually found in the truck area of the vehicle. You should remove the panels from both sides of the vehicle. You should also remove the CD or DVD player to easily access to the wires where you will need to hookup.
  3. Run the power cable. This is the most difficult part of the whole process because you have to go from the engine compartment to the interior of the vehicle. You will find a place to run the power cable near the steering column. You can bring the power cable under the dash up to wherever you will put the amplifier which is typically at the back of the car. Be careful under your dash that you will not obstruct the pedals or any other mechanical devices in any way.
  4. When the power cable is in place, run the ground wire. This wire connects to the chassis of the vehicle and mostly uses the seat bolt to ground. Take a bolt out where the seat connects to the floor and then put the wire in place and screw the bolt back in. Be sure it is tight and the ground wire is touching the exposed metal. Never use painted metal because it may cause some grounding issues.
  5. Connect the amplifier. This is to process the sound and send it on to the subwoofer. Modern car decks have a set of RCA connector on the back. Just run the RCA cable from there to the amplifier. Be sure not to run the RCA cable right next to the power cable because it can cause audio interference like static. When the audio input was placed into the amplifier, you can run the wire from the amplifier to the subwoofer.
  6. Double check all the connections and reconnect the battery terminals in reverse order. Connect the positive terminal, then connect  negative terminal and finish by inserting the in-line fuse. 
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