How To Install Car Stereo Speakers

Need to learn how to install car stereo speakers? Maybe you told your date that you got some  speakers in your car and then your realized that your speakers aren't as great as you made them sound. Whatever the reason may be, installing car stereo speakers is easy to to do.

Before you get started you are going to need some materials:

  • Speakers
  • wire cutter
  • screw driver
  • Wedge
  1. The first step to installing car stereo speakers is to disconnect your car's battery. If you do not know how to disconnect the battery from your car, all you need to do is disconnect the wires from the battery. After you have done that, head inside your car and pop off your speaker covers.

  2. The second step to installing car stereo speakers is to unscrew the old speakers and slowly pull them out. Cut the speaker wires; do not pull them out of the speaker, this will damage the speakers.
  3. The third and final step to installing the car stereo speakers is to connect the wires to your new speakers. After you have done that, screw in your new speakers. Pop the speaker covers back on. Now ,reconnect the battery. Turn on the radio and enjoy your new car stereo speakers. Congratulations, you now know how to install car stereo speakers!



  • When buying new speakers, make sure the speakers are the same size as your old ones. In order to find out the size, measure it from the upper right hand corner to the bottom left hand corner. You can also look up that information online



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