How To Install Chain Link Fence

Learning how to install chain link fence allows you to establish boundaries in any area of your property.  Chain link fences are one of the most popular selections for fencing in a yard, as it is good for keeping small animals in the yard.  Other people find that chain link fence is one of the longest lasting types of fence, and they require the least amount of maintenance.

To install chain link fence, you will need:

  • Pot hole digger 
  • String and wood posts
  • Pliers
  • Metal Wire Cutters
  • Crescent wrench
  •  Fence stretcher
  • Cement
  • Fence fabric
  • Tension bar
  • Loop caps
  • Top rail
  • Fence Posts
  • Fence Ties
  • Brace band
  • Tension band
  • Fence post caps
  • Gate


  1. Establish the perimeter.  If you plan to wrap the fence around your entire yard, determine where the boundary lines are for your property.
  2. Outline the area with string and the wood posts. Place a wood post in each spot you want a post to go. Fence posts are usually between four and six feet apart. Inspect the outline area to be sure there is adequate space for what you need.
  3. Begin planting the fence posts. Use the pot hole digger to dig a hole around 8" wide. The depth depends on the height of your poles. The depth is typically between 16 and 30 inches, which is determined by the height of the chain links. The hole should be larger at the bottom, getting smaller as the hole rises to ground level. For end posts, they will be two inches higher than the fence fabric; center posts will be placed two inches below the fence fabric.
  4. Prepare the cement to place the holes. Follow the mixing directions according to the cement pack to ensure proper ratio and hardening.
  5. Pour cement into the hole until it is half full.  Gently place the fence post in the center, allowing the cement to fill inside of the post as well as surrounding the outside.  Continue to pour the cement until it is level with the ground surface.
  6. Place three stakes around the post and wrap string around the post. This will keep the pole in place while the cement hardens. Repeat this process for each pole you install. Be sure to place a post on both sides of the gate area. Allow cement to harden before you continue. It typically takes 24 hours for cement to harden.
  7. Install the chain link fencing.  Begin by adding tension bands and brace bands to each end and corner post.  The brace band should be placed on the top area of the pole two per pole, where the tension bands should be placed on the bottom and near the top, four on each pole.  If the post is a corner post, apply a post cap to the top.  If the post is not an end post, apply a loop cap to the post.  Connect the top rail to the brace bands between each post.  Continue to install the top rail between each fence post.
  8. Begin at the gate pole, and connect the fencing fabric.  This is done by looping the tension rail between the ends of the chain link fence.  The tension rail is than connected to the pole with tension bands. Pull the fencing to the pole on the opposite corner; make sure you place the fencing on the outside of the poles.  Stretch the fence fabric until it is at the pole. And insert the tension rail.  Use fence ties to secure the fence fabric to the top rail and the poles. Continue this process until the entire chain link fence is securely installed.
  9. Install the hinges for the gate.  After the hinges are in place, continue to secure the gate to the hinges. This is done in the same manner as installing a tension rail to a fence. The final step is to connect the latch to the gate. Test the gate to ensure the hinges allow the gate to operate.
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