How To Install Coilovers Infiniti M45

Need to learn how to install coilovers in an Infiniti M45 so that you can adjust the suspension on your vehicle? Although it may seem complicated to change out the suspension in your Infiniti M45, it is actually not very hard. There are many reasons why coilovers are the way to go for today's high-performance vehicles. Not only are they easier to install than standard suspension springs (which you need a spring compressor for), but they are also quickly adjustable, and you can install them in about an hour. Follow these instructions to install coilovers in your Infiniti M45.

To install coilovers in your Infiniti M45, you will need:

  • A car jack
  • Jack stands
  • A lug wrench
  • Masking tape
  • A wrench set
  • A spring compressor
  • Infiniti M45 coilovers
  1. Raise the front of the M45 using a jack and jack stands. Always jack your M45 on level ground. Ensure that it is in gear or park and that you activate the emergency brake. Remove the front wheels and set them aside.
  2. Disconnect the bracket that guides the brake line and secure it out of the way using masking tape. This will prevent you from accidentally tearing the brake line while you are removing the strut assembly and installing the coilovers. Unhook the ABS sensors and move them out of the way.
  3. Locate the bolt securing the front spring assembly under the wheel well. Remove the bolt using a wrench. Open the hood of the Infiniti M45 and locate the three bolts securing the front spring assembly over the wheel well. Remove the bolts using a wrench. As soon as you remove these three bolts the shock assembly will want to fall out, so make sure that you secure it.
  4. Remove the old spring assembly. Use a spring compressor if you are unable to remove it manually.
  5. Adjust the coilovers to the preferred clearance. Install the coilovers by sliding them into the empty slot beneath the wheel well.
  6. Bolt the top of the coilovers in place using the three bolts removed from the old shocks. Secure the bottom with the bolt removed from the old shocks and reattach the ABS sensors and brake line bracket.
  7. Put the wheels back on. Lower the M45 and raise the rear of the vehicle using a jack and jack stands. Remove the rear wheels and set them aside.
  8. Follow the same instructions to remove the rear shock assembly and install the coilovers. Note that you will need to lift up the trunk lining to find the upper wheel well bolts.
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