How To Install Company Of Heroes Maps

Do you need some assistance learning how to install Company of Heroes maps? Companies of Heroes is a real-time strategy game set during World War II. There are endless users made maps that exist and can be easily downloaded and installed. The map making community for Company of Heroes is huge and just about every player wants to know how to install the maps. Follow the steps below to learn how to install Company of Heroes Maps.  

  1. Go into your Companies of Heroes directory. The directory should be located at C: drive under "Program Files", "THQ", and then "Company of Heroes". Select the folder called "WW2", then go into "data". Look for a folder called "Scenarios", and if you do not see one you must create one.
  2. Create new folders for the Companies of Heroes map. Create a new folder with the name "Scenarios". To create a new folder with that name simply select the new folder icon, and then name it "Scenarios". Once you have created a "Scenarios" folder you will need to go into it and create a folder called "mp". You will place all of your Companies of Heroes Maps in the "mp" folder.   
  3. Extract all the map files. The map files can be extracted either directly into the mp folder or they can be extracted to your C: drive and be moved manually into the folder.
  4. Cut and Paste the maps into the "mp" folder. Select the desired files by highlighting them, right click and select "Cut" or (Ctrl+X). Pull up the "mp" folder you created, and then in a blank area right click, and select "Paste" or (Ctrl+V).
  5. Drag the maps into the "mp" folder. Select the desired files by highlighting them. Hold down the left mouse button over the highlighted items you want to drag, and then drag the items into the Companies of Heroes Maps "mp" folders. You can open folders by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, but be sure to stop the mouse over the desired folder that you want to open. After about a second the item will open. 
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