How to Install Crown Molding

Need to know how to install crown molding? Crown molding adds a touch of classic design style and beauty to a room.  Crown molding comes in many styles, wood varieties and price points. When shopping for crown molding consider purchasing re-claimed moldings from older homes and renovation projects. Re-claimed crown molding offers true old world styling and high quality hardwoods.

  1. Measure the walls to determine the amount of crown molding required, tack on an extra 5% for waste.
  2. Use a miter saw to cut crown molding for corners facing into a room. Miter saws cut wood at pre-determined outside angles.
  3. Use a coping saw to cut angles facing away from the center of the room. Coping saws cut wood at pre-determined inside angles.
  4. Locate beams in the wall with a stud finder to attach the crown molding. Only nail crown moldings into strong wall studs, never into drywall because it won't hold the weight of the crown molding.
  5. Measure crown molding to determine where the wall studs are located on the molding itself.
  6. Drill holes, slightly smaller than the nails, at the points along the crown molding where wall studs line up. Pre-drilled holes prevent crown moldings from cracking when nailing.
  7. Drive nails through the pre-drilled holes into the wall studs.
  8. Use silicone caulk to fill gaps between crown molding corners.

Crown molding installation requires time, patience and a second set of hands to achieve desired results.  This home improvement project calls for an experienced and able do-it-yourself-er because crown moldings pose difficulties during installation especially cutting angles. Do not be deterred or put off, successful installation is possible with persistence. 



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