How To Install Dawn Of War 2

If you've been wrestling with installing one of the best strategy games ever, you need to learn how to install "Dawn of War 2." Learning how to install "Dawn of War 2" is essential to becoming a part of the ever-growing PC gaming community because this is simply one of the best games to come out this decade! While working with the Steam client might be difficult, here are a few steps to help you learn how to install "Dawn of War 2!"

  1. Download and install Steam. If you want to install "Dawn of War 2," you're going to need to install Steam, since that client is required for online and offline play. You can download the client from the company's official website.
  2. Insert the "Dawn of War 2" CD into your computer and wait for the Setup program to load. If that does not happen, go into Windows Explorer, right-click on your CD Drive, and select "Explore." From here, double-click on "Setup.exe."
  3. Click on "Install Dawn of War 2" from the launcher. Follow the steps as they are given to you. If you get an error, make sure that the computer is reading the installation files from your DVD drive. Furthermore, if that does not work, right click on the Steam client on your desktop and click "Properties." From here, insert the "Target" line, add "install -[letter of your DVD drive]" without the quotation marks or brackets to ensure that the client is reading the disc correctly.
  4. When prompted, enter your CD Key included on your box. When you're trying to install "Dawn of War 2," remember that Steam never uses the number 1, number 0, or letter O in any of their products.
  5. Continue the installation as prompted, ensuring that you have enough disc space to fit the game. If you do not, exit the installation programs and delete/back up some files, then resume.
  6. When the installer displays "Ready to play," you're done! Remember, you need to have Steam running in order to install and apply any and all updates for "Dawn of War 2." However, you've just finished learning how to install "Dawn of War 2!"
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