How To Install Digital Tv Converter Box

As America moves from the analog to digital television signals, you must learn how to install a digital TV converter box if you choose to use your analog television set. The digital signal provides a clearer picture and a better selection of channels in most locations. Following a few basic steps, you will find that switching to a digital signal can be quick and easy.

Supplies you will need:

  • Digital television converter box with a remote control
  • Coaxial wire
  1. Unplug your television. This is done to ensure your safety from electrical shocks.
  2. Unplug the antenna wire. Unplug the antenna wire from the televisions (RF) Antenna In port located on the backside of the television set.
  3. Put the antenna wire into the digital TV converter box. Plug the antenna wire into the (RF) In port on the back side of the converter box.
  4. Connect the converter box to your television. The converter box came with a coaxial wire. Plug one end of the wire into the (RF) Out to TV port on the back of the converter box, and plug the other end into the (RF) Antenna In port on the back of the television set. 
  5. Plug in the power cords. Plug in both the digital TV converter box and the television set into a standard power outlet. 
  6. Turn them on. Turn on both the converter box and the television. 
  7. Scan for digital channels. Set the television to channel three or four, and read through the instructions that came with the digital TV converter box to scan for available digital channels. 
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