How To Install A Dishwasher Drain With Two Sinks

Dish washers are very handy around the house but you may encounter the question, "how to install a dishwasher drain with two sinks?" If you have a double sink, you may belive you have to hook up the drain different because of the two sinks. It is not hard to hook a dishwasher drain into  a drain with two sinks. To hook up a dishwasher drain, you will need some simple tools:

  • Bowl to catch the water of the drain in
  • Pipe wrench or channel locks
  • Teflon tape
  • One Philips and Flat screw driver.
  • One dishwasher drain installation kit with enough hose to reach from the dishwasher to the drain of the sink.

When you're at the hardware store be sure to check your list twice. It is good to make sure you have clothing your not afraid of getting wet. Place all your supplies with in arms reach of the sink area and your ready to go.

  1. A clean work area. It is important to clean all the items out from under the sink area your going to be working in. You will need as much room to move as the cabinet your installing the drain in will allow. By nature, cabinets are cramped areas and may provide their own challenge.
  2. Take apart the sinks drain. Locate the P-trap. If you look at the bottom of the sink your going to install the drain in, you will see it comes from the bottom of the sink, to what looks like a "U", then joins with the other drain and heads out the wall. This "U" is your trap. Remove the nut that holds the side of the trap that leads to the bottom of the sink. This might be accomplished by hand, but if not then use your channel locks or pipe wrench. Loosen the other side of the trap to turn the P-trap out of the way, or remove it if you need more room to work.
  3. Replace the sink drain. Once you have the P-trap out of the way take note of the pipe that runs up to the drain of the sink. In your kit to install the dishwasher drain, note the pipe that resembles the one on the bottom of the sink, except it also has a spout off of the side of it. Remove the drain pipe off the bottom of the sink as you did with the trap. Then replace it with the new spouted drain pipe. For good measure, use the Teflon tape on the treads of the connection. This will help to seal the drain pipes and prevent leaking from the connection. Take the tape and unroll enough to go around the treads then go around the male end of the treads clockwise at least twice. Cut or break the tape free from the roll and run your fingers around the treads to insure the tape is tight. Then install the drain pipe. Reinstall the P-trap as it was before.
  4. Running your drain. Your almost done. Use the drain line you have with your kit and run it from the drain in your dishwasher to the spout in your new sink drain. There are no treads on either end of the drain hose so you will clamp this drain hose in place. Use the clamps in the package and tighten them with the screwdriver

Your ready to run your first load. Roll the excess drain pipe into the back of the cabinet as you push the dishwasher into place. Most dishwasher have metal brackets to mount the dishwasher into place under the counter top. It is good to use them to keep the dishwasher from moving while opening and closing the unit.

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