How To Install An Electric Fence

Learn how to install an electric fence! You can install an electric fence to provide temporary fencing for your livestock or many other uses. Electric fences are inexpensive and easy to install. An electric fence will not only keep livestock in, but will also provide adequate protection when you want to keep livestock out of certain areas of your land.

To install an electric fence you will need:

  • Support  posts
  • Electrical wire
  • Insulators
  • Fence charger
  • Power source (electric, solar, or battery)
  • Hammer
  • Wire cutters 
  1. Install the posts for your electric fence. The wire for the fence is will not require a lot of support. Posts can be made from rebar, wood, or steel posts.  You can even use existing posts for some areas of your electric fence.
  2. Use insulators to keep the wire from grounding out. The insulators are normally made from plastic and can either clamp on for rebar or steel posts, or can have a threaded base to screw into a wooden post.
  3. Locate the electric fence charger. Chargers can be solar powered, battery powered, or electric. Locate your charger in an area where it can be powered easily. You will also want to be sure your livestock cannot get to the electric fence charger. They are typically curious and may accidentally damage the unit and escape.
  4. Beginning at one side of your charger, attach the wire to the insulators. The wire will have to make a complete loop around the area you wish to contain to make a circuit.
  5. End your electric fence back at the charger. Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions for grounding your electric fence.
  6. To maintain your electric fence, be sure to keep weeds under control. When weeds grow, the electrical charge can be diverted from the fence to the ground and rendering it useless.
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