How To Install Fallout 3

After nearly two years of hearing about it, you've finally decided to experience one of the best games of the last decade, but now that you have the disc in hand, you're wondering how to install "Fallout 3." While installing a video game may seem easy, the sad fact is that the differences between gaming computers are so vast that it might not be obvious right away. Thanks to SecuROM protection (a form of anti-piracy protection common in games for those unfamiliar), there may be multiple issues that will have to be resolved. Thankfully there is this guide, not to mention an enormous wealth of information available on the internet, that can get you through that.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Fallout 3 installation disk
  1. Buy "Fallout 3." To install "Fallout 3" you have to purchase it. This is assuming you are ordering it online, buying it from a brick and mortar establishment, or somehow obtaining a physical copy of the disc. If the game has been purchased through Steam or another online distribution service, it will most likely just install itself.
  2. Place the disc in the computer. After opening up the packaging, carefully–those things can give some mean paper cuts–insert the disc into your computer's DVD-ROM drive. Wait for it to load. An AutoPlay screen should pop up on your monitor. Play should be grayed out, but install shouldn't be. Click "Install."
  3. Pick a destination. Choose a place that the games files will install "Fallout 3." Generally this will be a folder hierarchy already decided by the program. If you have a different place you like to install games, pick that. The options will be under the "Advanced Install" radial marker, but it is really not that advanced.
  4. Play "Fallout 3"! After giving it some time, the game should completely install. The most common problem is that the install will fail or that the game won't launch after installing. The most common solution is sort of a ridiculous one. SecuROM will sometimes block the game from loading if it detects any piracy program running. This would be logical if it didn't consider any DVD burning software or any software with the capability to mount an ISO. This includes everything from Nero to Daemon Tools. You may have to uninstall those programs in order to continue or go to the SecuROM website and download their fix. Either way, when everything is working fine, you are now ready to explore "Fallout 3"! If you ran into any other issues, consult the troubleshooting guide of the game or the game's official website.
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