How To Install Far Cry Mods

Knowing how to install Far Cry Mods on your computer will help you have more fun when playing Far Cry. Set on a remote island, you control Jack, a freelance mariner who is determined to survive. The Far Cry game has a lot of great features, but you can enhance these features and make others better by installing Far Cry Mods.

To complete this task, you’ll need:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  1. Find a legitimate third party website to help you install the Far Cry Mods. Like other Mods, you need to download the Far Cry Mods through third party websites, such as Mob, Strategy or File These websites offer a variety of Far Cry Mods and often group them by category. Search around to find the Mods you want to install on a website you’re comfortable using.
  2. Download the Mods to install them. The Far Cry Mods need to be downloaded onto your computer in order to install them. From the Far Cry Mods page of the third party website, you will find the “Download” link. Click it to start the process. You may have to agree to certain terms and click another link. Then, the download will begin. Once it’s complete, the Far Cry Mod you chose will be installed.


  • Research on the type of Far Cry Mods you might want to install. There are many available Mods to choose from on several third party websites. For example, there are several Weapons Mods for Far Cry that can help you get new weapons, use them in different ways or have unlimited weapons.
  • Discuss Far Cry Mods with people you know who play the game. Many avid Far Cry gamers have installed Mods to help them play and keep the game interested. If you know people online who play, start a chat, or you can ask your friends who play what Far Cry Mods they recommend.
  • If you’re not sure which Far Cry Mods you want to install, try out a few. The Mods you install will not permanently alter your Far Cry game.



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