How To Install Fog Lights On Motorcycle

Learning how to install fog lights on motorcycle will save you money and make riding safer. Fog lights can greatly increase vision and they are very easy to install after learning how to install fog lights on a motorcycle. Learning how to install fog lights on motorcycle does not require a professional nor a lot of money but rather some extra time and motivation.

What's needed:

  • Fog lights (preferably halogen)
  • Toggle switch
  • Mounting hardware
  1. Mount the fog lights. Choose a location to mount the fog lights on motorcycle. Mount them lower and towards the front on motorcycle. Search for existing brackets or wiring harnesses on both sides of the motorcycle to make mounting the fog lights easier on motorcycle. Use your mounting hardware to securely fashion the lights.
  2. Install the toggle switch. Install the toggle switch on motorcycle. Mount the toggle switch close to the instrument panel. Use adhesive or a more permanent mounting solution to fix the toggle switch in place.
  3. Connect the toggle switch to electricity. Connect the toggle switch to the electrical source. Many riders connect the toggle switch to an electrical feed of existing lights on motorcycle. Decide where to draw power for fog lights on motorcycle based on your particular motorcycle.
  4. Connect toggle switch to lights. Complete the installation of the toggle switch on motorcycle by connecting it to the fog lights. Pass the wiring from the fog lights flush against the bike. Conceal the wiring if possible or route it into existing wiring harnesses on motorcycle.
  5. Test the lights. Test the fog lights on motorcycle by flipping the toggle switch. Reposition the lights if necessary for optimum effect.


  • Light-weight lights are easiest to mount on motorcycle.
  • Most motorcycles have reflector brackets that make a good place to mount fog lights on motorcycle.
  • Halogen H3 12V/55 Watt bulbs work especially well for fog lights on motorcycle.
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