How To Install Ford Edge Towing Wiring Harness

If you own a Ford Edge, then a modification you may want learn is how to install a Ford Edge towing wiring harness. It can be a pretty easy process, assuming you have worked with drilling holes before to install things. Just know that before you begin installing a towing wiring harness on your Ford Edge you should have these things handy.

What you will need:

  • Towing Harness Kit
  • Drill
  • Drill bit that is no more than 1/16th the size of the bolts in the towing kit
  • Philips Head screwdriver
  • Writing utensil that will show on a car (marker, etc.)
  • Wrench
  1. The first step to installing the towing harness on the Ford Edge is to assemble the towing wiring harness. Many of these towing harnesses, especially name brands, will come preassembled, but if you have to do it yourself, it will most likely involve screwing two sides into the actual part that will hold onto the trailer of your Ford Edge. This should be a relatively simple task. After you have your harness assembled for your Ford Edge, you can move on!
  2. You will want to hold the frame of the towing wiring harness up to the area where it will be on your ford edge. You will want another person to stand behind you and “eyeball” it while you do this so you will know it is a straight because there is nothing worse than an off kilter towing wiring harness on your Ford Edge!
  3. After you have found your placement for the harness, mark where the two or four holes are, depending on your towing wiring harness, for the bolts through the towing harness onto the Ford Edge. This will make it easier for you to drill the holes later. Make sure you are using a marker that is a different color than the car and that you will be able to see easily! Remember that this is on an area that is going to be drilled out for the towing wiring harness so don't worry about marking your car!
  4. Drill out the holes on the Ford Edge that you marked earlier for the towing wiring harness. Be sure once again that the bit isn’t much bigger than the bolts as this could make the bolts not fit into the holes! Also be sure to get it bigger enough so you don’t have to go back and drill out some more later!
  5. Screw the bolts in using the wrench. Be sure to get it nice and tight into your Ford Edge to avoid any unfortunate accidents with the towing wiring harness! Also make sure you screw all of the bolts in so the towing wiring harness is flush with the Ford Edge.
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