How To Install Front Door Speakers In 1997 Honda Civic LX

You can learn how to install front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic LX and drastically improve the sound system of your vehicle. Sadly, the factory speakers in the 1997 Honda Civic LX are of subpar quality. If you want to really get the most out of your sound system, then you will need to replace the speakers. Use these instructions to learn how to remove the old front door speakers on a 1997 Honda Civic and install new ones.

To install front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic LX, you will need:

  • A kitchen knife or flathead screwdriver
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • New front door speakers
  1. Read the instructions that came with the new speakers. Ensure that the speakers are the correct size and that they do not exceed the power rating on your sound system.
  2. Open the hood. Disconnect the battery to protect yourself from electric shock while working on your Honda Civic's speakers.
  3. Open the front doors of your Honda Civic LX. Remove the speaker grill covers located in each front door. Pop these off using a sharp, flat object, such as a kitchen knife or flathead screwdriver.
  4. Unscrew the screws securing the speaker. Pull the speaker out and unhook the wires attached to the back of the speaker.
  5. Connect the wiring to the replacement speaker. Ensure that you connect the positive wire to the positive terminal on the speaker and the negative wire to the negative terminal on the speaker.
  6. Secure the speakers in the speaker cavity. Use the screws that you removed from the old speakers. Tighten the screws and replace the speaker grill covers. You may have to slightly flex the speaker covers to make them fit back into the door cavity.
  7. Test your work. Reconnect the battery and turn on the vehicle. Power on your Honda Civic's stereo and listen to the sound. If everything checks out, then you are ready to enjoy your new front door speakers on your 1997 Honda Civic LX.
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