How To Install A In Ground Basketball Hoop

Anyone can easily learn how to install a in ground basketball hoop in their backyard or at the end of their driveway. By following a few simple steps,  one can set up their own basketball hoop within a day.  Once the hoop is up you, or perhaps your child, can begin practicing immediately; calling up your friends for some three on three or five on five; or even setting up the hoop for a dunk contest.  The choice is all yours once you have installed your in ground basketball hoop.

  1. Check the ground. It is extremely important that you check the ground you are installing your basketball hoop into to make sure that it is flat and level. You don't want to have a basketball hoop that is set up on a small hill. 
  2. Dig the hole. Once you have checked that the ground is level, dig a hole that is at least two feet deep, two feet wide and two feet long. Make sure that you measure how far the basketball net with stick out over the cement area you will be playing on in order to properly place the hole where you will be inserting the pole for the hoop. Once you have the right spot for your hole and have dug the hole to the necessary depth, make a mark of 18" on the pole, that is how far you will be inserting the pole into the ground.
  3. Fill the hole with cement. Quick-drying cement always works best when setting up a basketball hoop, especially if you have a child and she can't wait to start shooting.  Simply pour the cement mixture into the hole and then add water as indicated on the bags of cement that you have bought for the job. 850 lbs should be sufficient to fill the hole as well as the base pole of the basketball hoop.
  4. Insert the pole. Once the hole has been filled with cement, insert the pole into the cement up to the 18" that you have marked off. In order to make sure that the pole is absolutely straight, hold levels to each side of the pole.  No one wants to shoot on a crooked basketball hoop. Once the bottom part of the pole has been inserted, fill it with the remaining cement from filling the hole.
  5. Let the cement rest. Once the pole has been inserted and filled with cement, let the cement rest before assembling the rest of the basket. After three to four hours, the cement should begin to harden. Once it has hardened, attach the remaining poles for the basketball hoop.
  6. Attach the basket and net. After  the poles for the hoop have been assembled, attached the actual basket and backboard to the top pole.  Different brands of baskets have different assembly methods, but you will mostly likely need a wrench and bolts, which should be provided.  After the basket has been attached, the piece de resistance of the basketball hoop is the net, which you can easily string along the notches built into the rim.
  7. Check the cement. Once you have checked the cement has been dried (12-24 hours), then you or your child can begin shooting on the basket.

A basketball hoop is an integral part of any home with a driveway.  And, if you have the means and the time, there is no better basketball to install than an in ground basketball hoop.

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