How To Install GTA 4 On PC

If you want to learn how to install "Grand Theft Auto 4" (GTA) on a PC, read on. "GTA 4" is one of the most popular games on the market. Play on PC is not the top-selling platform, but is definitely a viable option if you are not into game consoles. This article will walk you through the simple process of loading "GTA 4" on a PC.

Things you'll need to do this:

  • Computer
  • "GTA 4" game for PC
  • Windows Vista or XP
  1. Ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements. As stated above, you will need the proper operating system. Make sure you have the proper memory, recommended at 1.5 GB, with dual core processor. You will need a graphics card with at least 512k of onboard memory. These are the basic needs to complete and play "GTA 4" once the installation process is complete.
  2. Place the game CD into the CD tray of your computer. Allow a moment for the CD to activate and prompt you. A window will appear that will ask if you want to install "GTA 4." Press "Install." Please wait while installation process is working. You will know the game is installing by the hourglass and sound of the CS as it spins in the computer. Once complete, the game will prompt you with "Complete."
  3. Luckily, the installation process is very easy. The steps above cover the entire installation process. This will put "GTA 4" on your PC. Once you open the game, you can set your individual preferences and save them. You are now ready to play "GTA 4."



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