How To Install GTA San Andreas On PC

So you’re looking to learn how to install GTA San Andreas on a PC? It is a very simple process if you have the proper gear and the game. GTA IV for the PC was released in June of 2005. Since then there have been several attempts at knock offs. Rockstar games however have initiated a no disc copy policy with the release of their games. The popularity of GTA IV is part of that initiative. Follow these basic GTA IV load instructions to get your copy on your PC.

Things you will need to install GTA IV:

  • PC
  • Legit copy of GTA IV San Andreas
  • Minimum PC requirements
  1. You will need to make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to load and play GTA IV. Those requirements consist of: Windows Vista – SP1 or  XP – SP3, 1.8 GHz PII Processor, 1 GB of RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB of RAM (Vista), 16 GB free hard drive space 256MB graphics card. It is recommended however that you have a 2.4 GHz processor and 2.5 GB of RAM with 1 GB on your video card for optimal play.
  2. Purchase a copy of GTA IV for PC through your local gaming shop or Rockstar online. You can use either conventional disc loading or digital download. For CD/DVD load the disc in your computer’s CD/DVD tray. Close the tray and wait a moment. A window should appear (if not open ‘my computer’ and your disc drive and open GTA IV). Follow the prompts to load onto your PC.
  3. For digital downloads, you must purchase from Rockstar Games. Once purchase is complete the load will begin automatically. Follow the prompts to create desktop icon etc. and complete the process as instructed. Once complete with either load you are ready to play. Simple double-click on the icon and begin play.
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