How To Install A Harley Sportster Windshield

You've recently purchased a Harley and want to know how to install a Harley Sportster windshield.  A windshield on your bike is a good addition and it has gotten more popular over the years. It helps protects riders from bugs and the wind fatigue, especially when you are traveling at high speeds. Determine what type of windshield you need based on your ridding style. There are adjustable windshields that can fit just about any bike and rider. To install a Harley Sportster windshield you just need to have the right tools and a follow a few simple steps.

To install a Harley Sportster windshield you need:

  • windshield
  • mounting kit
  • basic tools
  1. Make sure the controls have enough space to install the windshield. There should be plenty of space for all controls and the mirrors so when the windshield is installed you can see clearly from all angles that you normally would from your regular riding position.
  2. Test the windshield to fit your motorcycle. Before tightening down any fasteners make sure that the windshield does not interfere with your steering. Test that the handlebars are in the clear by moving them from side to side and making sure there is no interference.
  3. Mount the windshield to your bike. Put the windshield in place and using the mounting kit, and carefully screw the Harley Sportster windshield to the bike. The windshield should fit your bike perfectly.
  4. Secure the windshield. Double check your work to make sure that everything is properly placed and the windshield is tight and secure. Test the ride with your new Harley Sportster windshield.
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