How To Install Headliner In Chevy

If your headliner is sagging or already removed, you may want to know how to install headliner in a Chevy. Replacing a Chevy headliner is as simple as a child tracing a shape and pasting it on a piece of paper. With just a few simple tools and a few hours, you can install a new headliner.

To install headliner in Chevy, you will need:

  • Spray adhesive
  • Headliner fabric
  • Screw driver
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife  
  • Sand paper or wire brush


  1. Remove all old pieces. You want to remove sun visors, vehicle information centers, lighting, moldings or any other pieces that are attached to the headliner.
  2. Remove old headliner. Carefully remove the old headliner. Although the old fabric will be thrown away, the roof panel will be reused.
  3. Clean the roof panel. In order for the new fabric to adhere to the roof panel, you must make sure it is clean and free of the old fabric backing.
  4. Spray adhesive. On the roof panel and the back of the fabric, spray on your adhesive following the directions on the can. Let set until adhesive starts to dry and becomes very tacky.
  5. Attach headliner fabric. Slowly begin attaching headliner fabric to the roof panel, working out the wrinkles as you go. Fold fabric over the edges of the roof panel leaving between a quarter to a half an inch. Trim excess fabric.
  6. Reinstall headliner panel. Once the glue has dried, install the headliner panel. Replace all lights, trim pieces, molding strips, sun visors or anything else that was removed.
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