How To Install Helicoils

Need to know how to install a helicoil? A helicoil is a small treaded coil commonly used to re-thread an existing hole that has been stripped, such as a spark plug hole in an engine block. However, a helicoil must be inserted properly, or it will not hold, and may cross-thread the hole you're trying to repair. This will only make matters worse.
To properly install helicoils, you will need:
  • A drill bit, with correct size, as indicated with the helicoil instructions
  • A tap, size is also indicated in the instructions
  • Helicoil insertion tool
  • small hole punch, or small needle noise pliers.
  1. Getting ready to install the helicoil. When you look down on the helicoil form the top, you will notice a small metal piece from the side of the helicoil, across the center of the hole. This is called the tang, and will be removed after the helicoil is in place. The purpose of the tang is for the installer to grip while installing the helicoil.
  2. Before you can install helicoils, the hole must be drilled out. In the instruction with the helicoil, there is a size listed for the bit needed to drill an appropriate size hole for the helicoil to fit in. Be sure to center the bit on the original hole and hold at the proper angle to the hole.
  3. Once the hole is drilled out, it must be tapped. Locate the information on the size tap needed to properly tap the hole to install the helicoil. Lubricate the end of tap, and slowly tap the hole, twisting the tap to the left and right as it is worked into the hole, and the tap is smoothly screwed into the hole.
  4. Now the hole is ready for the helicoil. Thread the insertion tool in to the coil, making sure the tang rest properly in the lip of the tool. Slowly Install the helicoil into the hole. Make sure when you install the helicoil, it is below the surface of the hole.
  5. Now remove the installation tool. Remove the tang of the helicoil using a small punch or needle nose pliers.
Now that the helicoil is installed, be sure to clean the treads of the bolt used in this hole. This will insure the durability of the new threads in the hole.
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