How To Install Indoor Pool Lighting

Learning how to install indoor pool lighting can light up that old dark and dreary indoor pool. Installing indoor pool lighting can be easy to install with a little patience and time. Before we take a look at what you’ll need to accomplish your task, remember that you’re dealing with two elements that don’t mix: water and electricity. You should be extremely careful when trying to install lighting in an indoor pool due to the safety risks. If you’re confident enough in yourself, you can easily install indoor pool lighting, just be careful!

To install your indoor pool lighting, you’ll need the following:

  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Water sealer
  • Electrical knife
  • Wiring
  • Lights
  • Indoor pool
  1. Drain your pool. The first step to installing lighting in your indoor pool will be completely draining your pool. As we discussed in the beginning of this article, water and electricity don’t mix! You don’t want to risk dealing with a live wire while dangling it over your water. In fact, you should also turn off any electricity that leads to your indoor pool while working on this project. Following these two steps will help to ensure that you and the loved ones using your pool will remain safe during this project.
  2. Drill your holes. The second step to installing lights in your indoor pool will first involve deciding where you’d like your lights to be. Once you’ve made these decisions, use your drill to drill through these locations. Don’t make a hole that’s too big, just big enough to run your wires through. After you’ve drilled all your holes, make sure to clean any excess messes you’ve made while drilling through your pool so they don’t get mixed in with your water!
  3. Install your lights. The final step to installing pool lights in your pool will be placing the light fixtures in place. Make sure that your light fixtures will adequately cover your holes to prevent any leaks. Splice your wires with an electrical knife and connect them to your lights. Use a popular water sealer, such as one you’d use on bathroom tiles, around your light fixtures to prevent any possibility of leaks. Make sure that you let your sealer dry for at least forty-eight hours before attempting to refill your indoor pool. Connect your wires to a cord than plug in your cord. At this point, it’s safe to turn your power back on to make sure that each of your lights work.

If after turning your power back on that you find that one or more of your lights don’t work, it may be possible that you nicked one of your wires. Sometimes the areas where you drilled through may remain sharp around the edges and nick one of your wires. To fix this problem, begin by turning your power source off. Go through your wires and replace all of the wires that lead from your power source to your faulty light(s). Make sure to follow the steps of using sealer around your light fixtures and giving it adequate time to dry after re-doing your wires. After you’re done with this project, you’ll have your very own lighted indoor pool, enjoy it!

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